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The Aberdeen Police Department is responsible for investigating complaints from citizens on municipal code violations.  This can be any violation of City ordinances.   You may submit a tip anonymously however we ask you please fill out  all fields of the form below completely.  Please indicate in the description of the violation, your wish to remain anonymous.  We ask for the information below so if the investigator has a follow-up question, he or she may be able to contact you.  

Code Enforcement Questions & Answers


  • Can I report a neighbor who has junk or garbage in their yard and/or around their property?

Yes; as per the City of Aberdeen’s Environmental Control policy, every property must be kept free of refuse, unless kept in the appropriate collection container or storage shed.


  • Are people allowed to leave non-tagged vehicles on their property?

No; all vehicles, whether operable or not, must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.Untagged vehicles risk being towed at the owner’s expense and may become subject to monetary penalties.


  • Do I need to cut my grass every week to keep it up to code?

Keeping a consistent pattern is always a good practice for your lawn and yard maintenance, especially as the grass can easily become a code violation when not maintained regularly.


  • If I have a Code Enforcement complaint or question, who do I call?

Code Enforcement Officer Granruth is the point of contact for any code-related questions or complaints. She can be reached at the Police Department (410)-272-2121, prompt #5) and is available in-person Monday-Friday.  You can also use the below form.

Code Enforcement Officer


Thanks! Message sent.

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