Each year the Aberdeen Police Department conducts numerous investigations which result in the arrest and subsequent prosecution of those responsible for committing crimes in Aberdeen. Unfortunately each year the Aberdeen Police Department investigates criminal cases that go unsolved and do so for some of the following reasons: Little or no physical evidence left at the scene, lack of a witness to the crime, the perpetrator is unknown to the victim.


Many times unsolved cases are cleared as a result of YOU the public providing first-hand or second-hand information you have regarding crimes directly to detectives. In the past few months YOU, our Facebook Detectives, have stepped up by helping us solve numerous crimes by providing the identities of previously unknown suspects, provided critical information regarding lost/runaway/endangered children, provided the whereabouts of vulnerable missing adults, provided information to help reunite lost pets with their owners, and provided information leading to the apprehension of wanted fugitives.


The Aberdeen Police Department, at full strength, is comprised of 42 sworn officers. The Aberdeen Police Department currently has over 8,000 Facebook followers. That is over 8,000 people who can alert police to suspicious circumstances, report conditions that may be hazardous or harmful in our community, or possess critical information needed to close open criminal investigations.


The Department is requesting YOUR assistance in becoming an Aberdeen Crime Buster. Share this message with your friends and let’s increase the amount of people who are informed about crime trends in our community. Each week we will be posting details about active cases or repost information about unsolved cases. Here is YOUR chance to help us help those who have been victims of crimes.


Anyone wishing to help us sniff out crime in our community can contact us via Facebook private messenger, by phone at 410-272-2121, or stop by in person at the Aberdeen Police Department and ask to speak with a detective or supervisor. 

May 2, 2017 - Calling all Aberdeen Crime Busters, sometime over the last two weeks someone spray painted “PK TO OTG” on the pedestrian overpass at Amtrak. Additional graffiti containing the moniker “PK” has turned up painted on other structures around Aberdeen too. The APD needs your help identifying the bad actor/s responsible for defacing local property. If you have any information regarding this crime please private message us on Facebook, contact us directly at 410-272-2121, or come visit us at the APD in person.