Aberdeen Police Department Department Policies


Open communication with our community is paramount for the Aberdeen Police Department. Therefore, we publish our policies for the public to view. These policies help guide the actions of our officers and civilian personnel as they perform their daily duties. Every real life situation is unique, and every member of the Department is expected to use these policies as a guide to make decisions in a professional, impartial, and reasonable manner.


Department policies and procedures are subject to constant change, and are frequently updated or rescinded to accommodate new laws, court decisions, best practices, and other factors that may dictate revisions, additions, or deletions where necessary and appropriate.


A few policies have not been included because their release could jeopardize officer or public safety as well as certain operations.


Chapter 01     The Manual System

Chapter 02     Organization

Chapter 03     Internal Communications

Chapter 04     Administration

Chapter 05     Rules of Conduct and Internal Affairs

Chapter 06     Building and Facilities

Chapter 07     Records Management

Chapter 08     Forms Control

Chapter 09     Payroll, Expenses, and Leave

Chapter 10     (reserved)

Chapter 11     Fiscal Management

Chapter 12     Mission of the Department

Chapter 13     Facilities Security

Chapter 14     Inspections

Chapter 15     Training

Chapter 16     (reserved)

Chapter 17     (reserved)

Chapter 18     (reserved

Chapter 19     (reserved)

Chapter 20     Use of Force

Chapter 21     Patrol

Chapter 22     Uniforms and Equipment

Chapter 23     Appearance

Chapter 24     Communications

Chapter 25     Traffic

Chapter 26     Motor Vehicle Accidents

Chapter 27     Criminal Investigations

Chapter 28     Criminal Procedures

Chapter 29     Reporting System

Chapter 30     Evidence and Property

Chapter 31     Judicial Process

Chapter 32     Critical Incidents

Chapter 33     Police Canines

Chapter 34     Domestic Incidents

Chapter 35     Harford County Municipal SWAT

Chapter 36     Department Vehicles

Chapter 37     Department Operations Equipment

Chapter 38     (reserved)

Chapter 39     (reserved)

Chapter 40     (reserved)

Chapter 41     School Resource Officer Program

Chapter 42     (reserved)

Chapter 43     Programs, Services and Special Events