Officer Karen Kerins

Aberdeen High School

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Officer Jason Neidig

Aberdeen Middle School

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The School Resource Officer Program was first implemented in Flint, Michigan during the late 1950’s.  The Program was designed to bridge the gap between the Police and the youth by placing a Police Officer into the school on a full time basis. Due to the success of the program, School Districts and Police Agencies formed cooperative agreements to place an officer into the Schools. The program continued to excel and today, School Resource Officer's (SRO) can be found in schools worldwide. 


In 1991 the, National Association for School Resource Officers (NASRO) organization  was formed. The Association implemented curriculum/standards for School Resource Officers.


Aberdeen is the largest of three municipalities in Harford County.  We have three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school within our jurisdiction.  Combined, there are 3,800 students attending schools in Aberdeen.   

The Aberdeen Police Department has two full-time SRO's.  Officer Karen Kerins,  a 30 year veteran of law enforcement is assigned to the Aberdeen High School.  Officer Jason Neidig, a 19 year veteran of law enforcement is assigned to the Aberdeen Middle School.  Officer Neidig also frequently visits the elementary schools throughout the school year. 

SRO's form a positive relationship with the youth by taking a personal interest in the students' activities, promoting respect for people and property, and working to educate students on the legal system.  NASRO, emphasizes the Triad Concept by utilizing the SRO as the role of a teacher, counselor, and law enforcement officer. By training law enforcement to educate, counsel, and protect our school communities, the men and women of NASRO continue to lead by example and promote a positive image of law enforcement to our Nation’s youth.
A new SRO will attend 40 hours of training on topics such as developing teaching skills, the role of a Police Officer in the school, working as a problem solver, and being a good role model.  At the conclusion of the training, an exam is administered to receive a certification through the NASRO.  SRO’s have the ability to attain an Advanced School Resource Officer certificate by completing an additional 24 hours of training on topics such as the relationship between the SRO and school administrators, crime prevention strategies, and school safety assessments.